Portugal·June 3 - 10 2023

Madeira w/Natalia Anja

Stunning Madeira



This trip hosted by Natalia Anja you will visit the Oldest Wine Lodges in Madeira, hike the Lakes of Madeira Island, enjoy Surfing Lessons in the Atlantic. There will be a winery experience on the bottom of the highest cape of Europe, a Farmer's Market Visit and Cooking Experience, Canyoning in the Nun's Valley. You will Hike Towards Dragon's Tail, eat lunch at Vineyard and relax with Morning Yoga and Sound Healing. All this and more on your trip to Portugal.


Natalia Anja

Natalia Anja






Castanheiro Boutique Hotel (or equivalent)

Arrival Day

Welcome to Madeira! 

Your driver will be waiting for you in Madeira airport to take you to your Hotel in Funchal.

The Oldest Wine Lodges in Madeira 

Your guide will meet you at the Hotel lobby and will take you to visit some of the oldest wine lodges in the island, and aside from their evident historical heritage, they also boost special properties that contribute to the making of truly remarkable wines. The layout, shape and structure of the Wine Lodges create a combination of unique temperature and humidity conditions, stretching from the cellar up to the highest attics, which make them perfect for ageing Madeira wine. This exclusive tour provides a fully comprehensive experience of our wine lodge. It covers all the essential information about Madeira wine, its elaboration and ageing process. The visit is followed by a tasting in the Vintage room, with the selection of 5 premium Madeira wines, paired with dry fruits; cheese; chocolate, honey cake. 

A welcome dinner in a typical Madeira restaurant to open your senses to the local flavors smells and culture 


Welcome Dinner


Castanheiro Boutique Hotel (or equivalent)

Day 2

Lakes of Madeira Island

Your day will begin early as you are about to immerse in the wonderful ''Levadas '' the water channels that cover a total distance of about 2500 kilometer from the heart of Laurissilva Forest to the most rocky slopes. 

Your driver will take you to the strating point of your Levada - Hiking. 

The construction of Levadas dates back to the beginning of the island’s colonization, in the 15th century, when the first levadas were created to provide water to irrigate the sugar cane plantations and allow the production of sugar, known at the time as “white gold”. 

The purpose of this vast network of stone channels is to capture the water that falls from the top of the mountains and transport it to the fields of culture. Their purpose was to provide water to irrigate the sugar cane plantations. Back then sugar was also known as the “white gold” because it was considered as the main engine of Madeira’s economy in the 15th & 16th century. The narrow water canals have ever since the important task to deliver water along far distances. Mainly to banana plantations, vineyards, fruit orchards and vegetable gardens. 

This is an easy moderate hiking that will connect you with nature and with Madeira ancestral forest: 'Laurissilva'. In this hiking tour you have different wow moments, the first of which is the 'Lagoa Dona Beja' waterfall. In this area you can explore a few beautiful waterfalls and natural pools. If you want to, you can swim in the pool at Lagoa Dona Beja, but be prepared because the water is very cold! After you'll find ' Lagoa do Vento ', a waterfall and lagoon where you can swim even if the water is the cold mountain water. 

Another highlight of this day will be Bica da Cana and Pinnacle viewpoint, from where , you can stare the highest peaks and mountains of Madeira if the sky is clear . 

Here you 'll have your picnic -lunch before proceeding to Lombo do Mouro where you will finish your hiking. 

It's time to return to Funchal and have free time to dinner or leisure. 





Castanheiro Boutique Hotel (or equivalent)

Day 3

Surfing Lessons in the Atlantic 

Today if the weather allows you can combine different activities, Surfing lessons and a Food &Wine & Cultural Tour or a Winery Experience. 

Madeira Island is situated in the north Atlantic Ocean just 560 kilometers far from Morocco and 400 kilometers north of Tenerife, Canary Islands, is known as the island of eternal spring. The island has the perfect scenery for anyone interested in reconnecting with nature. Its subtropical climate guarantees you mild and warm weather conditions all over the year. Madeira is a unique destination offering an endless range of nature activities such as water sports. It is well known by its stunning and consistent waves, always breaking throughout the coast line. The reef breaks, point breaks and beach breaks are suitable to all surfing levels, no matter if you’re a beginner, intermediate or an expert. 

Join us and feel the adrenaline rush from riding the waves! 

We speak of an experience to learn to slide in the waves, where adventure and emotion - in safety - are the main ingredients of this sport. It is done in small classes with an accredited teacher available to teach you the techniques to balance on the board and catch the best waves. 

A winery experience on the bottom of the highest cape of Europe 

Morning or afternoon, depending on the surf class. The first stop will be the charming village of Câmara de Lobos, a fishing village where Winston Churchill used to make his paintings. 

The road to Cabo Girão snakes up through vineyards to the mountain village of Estreito de Câmara de Lobos situated in the heart of Madeira’s wine-making region, a land of palms, banana trees and exotic flowers. 

Close by, and always an imposing presence, Cabo Girão rises abruptly from the water’s surface to almost 600 metres. This great humped cliff, whose name translates as something like ‘turning cape’, is reminiscent of the forehead of a huge whale dropping sheer into the sea. 

And for those who enjoy head-spinning views, there’s a vantage point on the summit with some of the best vistas on the island. 

It's known for being the highest cape in Europe and one of the highest in the world! 

Here you'll have astonishing views, during the descending by Cable Car in a journey that offers fine panoramic views over the typical Madeiran terraces located by the sea - the “fajãs”, and the south coast. 

The Cabo Girão Cable Car was used initially as a means of transport so that the farmers from Quinta Grande parish could access the farmlands located on this area. 

Faja dos Padres is where you will have a stop for a wonderful winery experience with the owners/ producers of the Wine. 




Castanheiro Boutique Hotel (or equivalent)

Day 4

The Farmer's Market Visit and Cooking Experience 

After breakfast you'll leave your Hotel heading to city centre. 

A Visit to Mercado dos Lavradores - the Farmer's market in the morning will open your senses to the colours and smells. 

The Mercado dos Lavradores (farmers' market) is a fruit, vegetable, flower and fish market in Funchal, Madeira. It opened on 24 November 1940. The facade, main entrance and fish market contain traditional Azulejo (panels of tiles) depicting regional themes.It is divided into a number of smaller squares and stairways that are used as sales venues. 

On the night of 23 December (known locally as night of the market, Noite do Mercado in Portuguese), it is traditional for locals to meet in the market and surrounding streets singing Christmas songs, dance and drink in the nearby bars, which are open throughout the night to serve traditional drinks and especially the traditional 'Carne de vinha d'alhos' sandwiches (Pork meat with garlic & wine sandwich). 

We start with a detailed visit to the local market where the origins, history and traditions of tropical fruits, exotic flowers, unusual fish and seasonal vegetables will be explained. 

After a 5 minute walk, we will find our restaurant where you will be surprised by an outstanding view over the city of Funchal, and where a young, dynamic and relaxed team awaits. 

From simple local fish ceviche to emblematic espada fish with banana guacamole to “espetada”, beef on the skewer, the world of fusion cooking is demystified and made easy and fun in our cooking experience, that is not entirely hands on cooking. 

Learn the basics and beyond, so you can pick a few tricks for your home kitchen. 

Each cooking experience ends with a delicious lunch and carefully chosen Portuguese wines. 

You will gather around our table, on the rooftop, with an outstanding view, to enjoy your wonderful meal and exchange conversation with others that share your love for all things culinary 

Canyoning in the Nun's Valley 

Canyoning in Madeira is an exhilarating sport that takes place in a mountainous watercourse and to overcome the obstacles of nature we have to swim, jump and do rappels in beautiful waterfalls. This is an activity that guarantees strong emotions and unforgettable moments close to nature, where you will discover what few people know. For sure an Adventure of a lifetime! 

Madeira Island is considered one of the best places in the world to practice the Canyoning. Here, in Madeira Island is possible to do Canyoning all year around during the 365 days of the year! from the beginners to advance we have a great collection of tours for you!. 

The Canyoning in Ribeira do Cidrão starts in the “Nun´s Valley”, a very popular village in Madeira situated in the crater of an extinct volcano. This Canyoning is very popular because of the beautiful and unique landscape surrounded by the mountains of Madeira. 





Castanheiro Boutique Hotel (or equivalent)

Day 5

Hiking Towards Dragon's Tail 

Your guide and the driver will meet you at Hotel lobby and take you to the starting point of today's hiking. 

Vereda da Boca do Risco – Larano is a spectacular trail that involves the agricultural component, the exotic scenarios of regional botany and allows you to discover the idyllic scenery of the slopes of Madeira. 

The starting point of this walk takes place next to the so-called “house of the Levadeiros”, having at that moment the company of the water course of the Levada dos Maroços, which takes us to the scenery of the agricultural fields cultivated with fruits and vegetables typical of that area, in a mixture of interaction with small exotic forests. 

Following the trail that is clearly visible, you quickly reach Boca do Risco and from here it is easy to understand why it is considered one of the most beautiful natural viewpoints on the east side of the island. 

Your hiking will proceed though mountain escarpment , formerly royal paths that served for people to move between different locations. The route to Larano from Boca do Risco is a stunning route from a scenic point of view, the endemic vegetation is being replaced by exotic species, maintaining, however, the green intensity. The path ends at Caminho do Cabo do Larano. 

Your driver will be waiting for you to take you to docks where you will get a rib boat to your Restaurant to have a typical lunch. 

After lunch, you will take a rib boat tour to the east end of the island - ''the Dragon's tail''. 

In this rib boat tour of 1 hour approximately, you'll see Farol da Ponta de São Lourenço, a lighthouse located on the islet of São Lourenço, marking the extreme east of Madeira Island, Portugal. The lighthouse was built in 1870 on top of a small extinct volcano and has a focal point of 103 metres. It is the oldest lighthouse in Madeira. 





Castanheiro Boutique Hotel (or equivalent)

Day 6

Wine Day Tour and lunch at Vineyard 

This day wine tour was designed for those who want to discover more about Madeira wines and Madeira wine region, includes the tasting of 15 wines and traditional lunch. 

A great winery experience, that’s starts on the SW of the island, at the charming village of Câmara de Lobos. We will visit a Madeira still Wine producer. Let's start with Madeira white wine that has come to stand out for its freshness, acidity and tropical aromas, considered to be one of the best produced in the island. We will taste some roses and reds as well. You will be welcomed by the producer and his lovely daughter to their house, and will be taken for a visit to this wonderful property where besides some vineyards all kind of fruit, vegetables and flowers grown, a unique farm experience. 

The next stop will be on the Northwest coast of the island in the municipality of San Vicente, the second largest county grape grower in Madeira. In this landscape marked by incredible natural beauty, we will show you some of the most unique vineyards in the world. The vineyards in Madeira are very diverse in its landscape and guarantee some amazing memories. 

Following shall be served lunch in one of the wineries , cooked by the owner itself and harmonized with several local wines. You will be served a typical Madeiran meal using of local ingredients and some very tasty traditions! Moreover it is known that generally the best wines to match local cuisine and ingredients are naturally those of the region. 

On our way back to Funchal we will visit another Madeira Wine Producer. We will see a modern way in fortified Madeira Wine Producing, and of course, at the end we will have another wine tasting from different years, Who knows your year of birth?! 

The return to Funchal will be around 17:00 Throughout the tour, expert qualified guide in Madeira Wine shall provide all the main information on the wine growing region, its wines and its history.All tastings will be guided so you can understand and appreciate them. All wines that will be tasted can be bought at the cellars/producers we’re visiting. The trips will be made in vans with every comfort, air conditioning and guide monitoring. 




Farewell Dinner


Departure Day

Morning Yoga and Sound Healing 

“Health is not a mere absence of disease. It is a dynamic expression of life – in terms of how joyful, loving, and enthusiastic you are.” 

Yoga poses, pranayama (breathing techniques) and meditation allow you to be in harmony, the journey through life is calmer, happier and more fulfilling. 

This is the perfect spot to introduce you to this practice. This is the way we invite you to close this wonderful week . 

We recommend to do this practice before breakfast, at sunrise. 

Transfer from the Hotel in Funchal to Madeira Airport End of a wonderful week stay in the middle of Atlantic, it's time to pack and leave to the airport, to fly back home. 



Trip Tips

Don't Forget to Purchase Travel Insurance

Don't Forget to Purchase Travel Insurance

This is not required in order to travel with us but it is recommended to protect you if anything were to happen on the trip. Here are a few options, however please purchase wherever you prefer. https://www.travelinsurancecenter.com/ https://sevencorners.com/ https://www.travelguard.ca/ https://www.travelguard.com/

You'll Be Staying Here

Castanheiro Boutique Hotel (or similar)

Castanheiro Boutique Hotel (or similar)

In the heart of an historic zone, alongside the Palace of Jesuits, this four star hotel arose from an innovative concept blending design, detailed architectural restoration and a welcoming atmosphere. With 81 rooms, it boasts a lap pool where guests will enjoy panoramic views overlooking the Bay of Funchal, two steps away from the main shops, museums, restaurants and bars in the city. 

This unique hotel concept comprises five historically classified buildings that lead guests on a journey through three centuries of Funchal. The experience begins in a classified building of 18th century where once was handcrafts ateliers, and makes its transition to the 19th century mansion of a wealthy family of Funchal linked to mercantile trade. 

From the inner courtyards it accesses three buildings of the beginning of 20th century, where once was operating a typography company and an industry of embroidery. The hotel includes period pieces, building materials, furniture and antiques from these trades that embrace the journey through the different centuries. The result is a first-of-its-kind boutique hotel in the historic part of the city. 

Madeira w/Natalia Anja

Portugal· June 3 - 10 2023 · 7 nights